Screeni 1.3

Use your desktop background as a screensaver


  • Easy to use
  • No configuration required
  • More interesting than your average screensaver


  • No configuration options
  • Floating motion can't be changes

Not bad

Have you ever thought of using your desktop background as your screensaver? Normally this isn't possible in OS X but Screeni allows you to do so in a few clicks.

Screeni is basically an applet that allows you to toggle the effect on and off as required. If you add Screeni to your login items, it will automatically close once it has toggled your screensaver.

As soon as you execute the Screeni disk image, your desktop wallpaper will start floating back and forth. It's quite strange at first to see your desktop background moving around but it's certainly a lot more original than most wallpapers. There are absolutely no configuration options though, and it would be preferable to have something that gives you more control over the dull back and forth movement of the background. However, at least it's easy to get going and doesn't require any complex configuration.

Screeni provides an unusual way for you to breathe new life into your desktop background and also save your screen too.



Screeni 1.3

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